Beach nourishment involves dredging large amounts of sand from the water in order to widen an existing beach. The sand can come from a sandbar, a borrow area, or the ocean floor or even an inlet or waterway. In Pawleys Island the sand came from a borrow area. Engineers create a plan for shooting the sand onto the beach with the goal of making a wider beach. The wider beach protects homes, tourism, and wildlife.

Pipes are used to transport the sand to the beach. Then bulldozers and loaders spread out the sand and pack it down. You can see the sand is darker, but we’re told the sun will bleach it out.

What does this mean for a cozy mystery writer? I’m pondering all the ways to tie this process into my next book.


Social Distancing

What does social distancing look like for you? Are you staying in your house all day? Just going out to buy groceries or medicine?

Social distancing isn’t the same as living in exile. We can still connect through social media, video chats, and even phone calls.

If you have a dog, you have to go outside periodically. Living on the coast allows me to walk on a quiet beach. The fresh air and the surf energize me. This world is bigger than I am.

I’m not being asked to fight a war. I’ve only been asked to stay home. If people flock to the beach near me, I will stay home. Until then, I’m going to enjoy the limited freedom available to me.

I’d love to hear your survival tips for social distancing.

As far as you can see, there’s not another soul around.