Vintage Trailers and Blackmailers

Congratulations to Heather Weidner on Vintage Trailers and Blackmailers. The title is so cute, and the story is great.

Here’s my quick review of Heather’s newest book.

Jules Keene is focused on her vintage trailer camping resort. Her priorites shift when a dead guest is discovered in the woods and her aunt is questioned by the authorities. Jules decides to help catch the killer, but she already has a full plate. Now Jules must stop the culprit, keep her guests satisfied, grow her business, run for president of the town’s business council, and stay alive when the bad guys come after her. This book is a joy to read.

Here’s the blurb:

There is nothing like finding a dead body, clad only in a red satin thong, on your property to jolt you from a quiet routine. Jules Keene, owner of the posh Fern Valley Camping Resort in the Blue Ridge Mountains, is thrust into the world of the Dark Web when one of her guests, Ira Perkins, is found murdered in the woods near her vintage trailers. Jules quickly discovers that the man who claimed to be on a writing retreat was not what he seemed, and someone will go to any length to find what he left at her resort. Jules, along with her Jack Russell Terrier sidekick Bijou, has to put the rest of the missing pieces of a blackmailing scheme together before her business is ruined.

Jules’s resort, set in the heart of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains near Charlottesville in the quaint town of Fern Valley, offers guests a unique vacation in refurbished and upcycled vintage trailers. Hoping to expand her offerings, she partners with her maintenance/security guy to create a village of tiny houses, the latest home DIY craze, but a second murder of a reporter interrupts Jules’s expansion plans. Curiosity gets the best of her, and she steps up her sleuthing to find out what Ira Perkins was really up to and what he was really hiding at her resort.

If you’re interested in reading Vintage Trailers and Blackmailers, here are the links:

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Barnes and Noble: Vintage Trailers and Blackmailers by Heather Weidner, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (

Booktopia: Vintage Trailers and Blackmailers eBook by Heather Weidner | 9781685120375 | Booktopia

FNAC: Vintage Trailers and Blackmailers – Dernier livre de Heather Weidner – Précommande & date de sortie | fnac


Thalia: Vintage Trailers and Blackmailers von Heather Weidner – eBook | Thalia

Kate Lansing…What’s In A Name?

While we all know 2020 was a terrible year, I made friends through social media. Kate Lansing is one of my new friends, and she has graciously stopped by for a visit.

Kate is also a cozy mystery author, and I’ve enjoyed reading her books.

What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name? Yes, a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet, yada yada yada. But in general, I’ve found that names carry weight. They can add depth to characters, offer an opportunity for humor, and bring fictional worlds to life.

For example, one of my favorite things to learn is what people name their pets. It’s like a snapshot of their personality and instantly tells me something about them. Are they foodies with a cat named Baguette? Comedians who dubbed their dog Horse? Or book nerds that celebrate their favorite wizard by constantly calling for Gandalf? (My cat’s name is Maple, btw, in case anyone else harbors similar curiosities).

So, in the writing of my Colorado Wine Mystery series, it figures I spent an inordinate amount of time coming up with names. For characters (Parker Valentine being the protagonist), Parker’s winery (Vino Valentine), her cat (Zin, short for Zinfandel, naturally), and the handcrafted varietals themselves.

For the fictional wines, I leveraged alliteration and the picturesque setting of Boulder, Colorado, while also **maybe** having a little too much fun with puns.

There’s the Chautauqua Chardonnay that becomes infamous in the first book, Killer Chardonnay, based on one of my favorite parks in Boulder, with hiking trails, climbing, and even an amphitheater (where I once heard Stephen King speak!).

Along those lines are the Pearl Street Pinot, based on the quirky outdoor mall, Mount Sanitas White, an ode to one of my favorite hiking trails, and even Ralphie’s Riesling, named after the local college’s mascot (go Buffs!).

In the second book, A Pairing to Die For, I introduced the Jail Break Red, a blend Parker perfects during harvest while simultaneously trying to prove her boyfriend’s innocence. And another personal favorite: What Happens in Viognier.

The third book in the series, Mulled to Death, comes out in October, and there’s a lot of attention on the Snowy Day Syrah, fitting since it takes place at a ski resort over a weekend getaway.

If you had your own winery, what would you name the varietals? Do you put as much thought into names as I do?

Author Bio: Kate Lansing is an award-winning short story author. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband, daughter, and a chair-napping tabby cat named Maple.





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Kate, thanks so much for stopping by. Our Westie is named Heinz. My young son named him after Heinz Ketchup and his favorite football player at the time, Hines Ward.

Bag of Bones Release Day

Thanks for joining me as I celebrate the release of Bag of Bones. It’s the third book in A Low Country Dog Walker Mystery series.

Curious what it’s about? Here’s the blurb:

Does one good turn deserve a murder?

Despite all her good intentions to focus on a healthy lifestyle and leave crime solving to the professionals, Andi Grace Scott has run right smack into another investigation—literally.  Who’d have thought caring for stray cats and a healthy morning beach run could lead to murder?

Andi Grace has found another body and a young woman who needs help.  Solving this puzzle will come with a cost.  This time, catching the killer will require Andi Grace to confront her past relationships and truths about her deceased mother.

I would love for you to join Andi Grace Scott on her third adventure.



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My New Friend Carol Ayer


Carol, congratulations on Peppermint Cream Die! It’s such a cute title. Tell us a little about your story.
The story features Kayla Jeffries, a 35-year-old home bakery owner. She identifies as an introvert and a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).  When her elderly friend is murdered, she overcomes her natural tendency to avoid stress and overstimulation and helps apprehend the killer. Along the way, she meets a handsome restaurateur, adopts two rambunctious cats, and makes a lot of baked goods.

Where is the setting? How did you decide to pick it?
The setting is a fictional oceanside community called Seaside Shores in the (also fictional) town of Oceanville, California. The setting is loosely based on the Central California town of Monterey, a place I love to visit as often as I can. I think I chose it as a form of wish fulfillment–I would love to live in Monterey but can’t (it’s very expensive!). My character gets to live somewhere similar and I can live there vicariously.

How long have you been writing? Did you always dream of writing or have you always worked as an author?
I’ve been writing since childhood. As soon as I realized that books were written by people and didn’t just magically appear in the world, I wanted to write my own. I started submitting to magazines and publishers when I was 8 (but, alas, didn’t get published until I was an adult).
Do you have any pets? (If yes, can you include a picture of them?)
I do! I adopted Rainn (see attached picture) from a shelter about two years ago. She will turn 4 soon. She and my last cat, Sammie, inspired a few of the (hopefully humorous!) storylines in my series.

Do you have a favorite beach or vacation spot?
Yes, as mentioned above, I love Monterey, California. I’ve also had the good fortune of visiting Maui three times, and what can I say? It’s so beautiful that it doesn’t feel real.
Where can readers find you on social media?

Twitter:  @carol_e_ayer


Do you have a recipe for Peppermint Cream PIE?

I do! Here it is:Super Simple Peppermint Cream Pie: Ingredients:Pre-made chocolate cookie pie crust5.1 oz.  box instant vanilla puddingMilk to prepare pudding8 oz. heavy whipping cream2-3 miniature candy canes, crushed up (you can also use peppermint candies) 

Make the vanilla pudding as directed, including a crushed-up miniature candy cane.  (Because I don’t have a food processor, I use a plastic bag and a hammer; this can get messy if the bag breaks).Pour the pudding mixture into the pie crust and chill in the refrigerator until set.Whip the cream, again including a crushed-up miniature candy cane.Spread the cream across the chilled pie.If desired, add another crushed-up candy cane on top of the pie.Enjoy!

One last question…What is an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)?Answer: HSPs make up about 20 percent of the population (I am an HSP myself). We deeply process sensory stimuli. We are adversely impacted by things like loud noises, scratchy fabrics, and florescent lighting. We easily get stressed by too much going on, criticism, and performing in front of others. On the plus side, HSPs tend to be creative, conscientious, and compassionate, and we have strong positive reactions to art, music, and nature. Most HSPs are introverted but a certain percentage are extroverts.

Thanks so much for stopping by, Carol!

Peppermint Cream Die can be found at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Target.;jsessionid=BDE22D7EC8B8B7A44A5C4719258D1471.prodny_store01-atgap16?ean=9781603816298

Rainn on her tower.

Quotes from Joanne Fluke

In case you don’t know who Joanne Fluke is, she’s the author of the Hannah Swensen books. Hallmark also picked up some of the books to make into movies.

In honor of National Chocolate Chip Day, I decided to share some quotes from Joanne.

“IT was the time of day when Lake Eden residents decided it was too late for a breakfast cookie and too early for a lunch cookie.”
― Joanne Fluke, Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder

“The secret of high finance…if you really need a loan, you won’t qualify. And if you don’t need a loan, all the lenders will line up to give you money.” Peach Cobbler Murder

“If chocolate were a mandatory part of breakfast, people wouldn’t be so
grouchy in the morning.” Strawberry Shortcake Murder

“If God gave Dad Alzheimer’s, He’s got to understand when Dad forgets what church he belongs to.” Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder

“You’ll never see a hearse towing a U-Haul.” Joanne Fluke

“There was no greater gift than making someone laugh. People who laughed were happy.” Apple Turnover Murder

“Solving crimes certainly wasn’t as easy as they made it seem in the movies.” Chocolate Chip Murder

I hope you enjoyed these quotes from Joanne Fluke, and I hope you get a chocolate chip cookie soon.

Dog-Gone Dead

Thanks to all of you who’ve joined me on my writing journey. I appreciate your support, and I’m so excited to announce Dog-Gone Dead is now available.

It’s available in paperback and e-reader. If you’re interested, here are the links.

Thanks so much, and I hope you have a great weekend!



Barnes & Noble:




Beach nourishment involves dredging large amounts of sand from the water in order to widen an existing beach. The sand can come from a sandbar, a borrow area, or the ocean floor or even an inlet or waterway. In Pawleys Island the sand came from a borrow area. Engineers create a plan for shooting the sand onto the beach with the goal of making a wider beach. The wider beach protects homes, tourism, and wildlife.

Pipes are used to transport the sand to the beach. Then bulldozers and loaders spread out the sand and pack it down. You can see the sand is darker, but we’re told the sun will bleach it out.

What does this mean for a cozy mystery writer? I’m pondering all the ways to tie this process into my next book.

Secrets Can Be Deadly

I’ve been writing for quite a few years with many of the ups and downs authors experience on the road to publication.

Bite the Dust is the first book in A Low Country Dog Walker Mystery series. Andi Grace Scott is the local dog walker and friend to all. She has a caretaker personality which is part of her charm in caring for dogs.

The series takes place in the fictional town Heyward Beach, South Carolina. The town consists of an island and extends to the mainland. I hope you read this series and come to care for the characters as much as I do.

Secrets can be deadly.

One steamy South Carolina morning, Low Country dog walker Andi Grace Scott discovers a client’s dead body. Police quickly decide she’s the prime suspect. Horrified, she knows she’ll have to turn detective if she’s going to convince them they’re barking up the wrong tree.

Proving her innocence could be a tall order. The local police never solved the hit-and-run that killed her parents; Andi Grace isn’t sure they’ll solve this crime either…not when they have a convenient suspect—one caught with the possible murder weapon in her hand. She’ll have to follow every clue and call in every favor, even if that puts her in danger.

If you love strong heroines, coastal small-town life, and dogs, you’ll love Bite the Dust.