The Gray Man

Just for fun today, I want to share the legend of The Gray Man in Pawleys Island, South Carolina.

The story goes, the gray man died around 1822. He was on his way to the island to meet his sweetheart and died, maybe of a broken neck from hurrying to see her. Maybe he sunk in the pluff mud or drown. Whatever the cause of his death, the grieving lady spotted him on the beach. It appeared to her that he was warning her to leave.

The young lady’s family thought she’d lost her mind from grief, and they took her away from the beach. Within hours, the great storm of 1822 destroyed the area of the house where she and her family had been staying.

For years, The Gray Man has been spotted on or around the beach before a storm. He always wears gray. The people who actually see him say their property isn’t harmed in the storm even the home all around them are destroyed.

One child even asked her family who the man in gray was. She explained that he helped her not to be scared in the storm.

Many of the locals believe The Gray Man is a kind, wandering spirit who warns of impending storms.

When weather forecasters predict a hurricane, many locals ask each other if they’ve seen The Gray Man.

I personally have never seen The Gray Man, but if a man wearing gray appears before a big storm and tells me to leave, you better believe I’m heading inland.