What Am I Not Going to Do in June?

I’m not going to get a sunburn. I’m not going to gain weight. I’m not going to cut my bangs.

I’ve had bangs for years, decades actually, and thanks to Covid-19, I haven’t had my hair cut since January. I’ve also wondered if my hair would look better without bangs now that I live at the beach. One of my granddaughters grew out her bangs in 2019, so she’s my inspiration for trying in 2020.

Look at the determination on her face. She’s going to be my inspiration in the days ahead. Both of these girls are full of spunk and integrity. They’re two of my little heroes.

What are your goals for this month?

Sharee Stover’s Real Life Hero

Sharee Stover is a good friend and one of my critique partners. Her newest book Untraceable Evidence is available now. It’s the first of three books in her ATF Agents series.

Scientist Ace Steele is hired by the ATF to develop a top-secret project named Ghost—a 3D printer gun that uses frangible ammunition. The components are comprised entirely of plastic, making the gun untraceable via metal detectors. The ATF is certain a mole exists who is working with a local militia. The militia’s leader will do anything to get Project Ghost. 

Untraceable Evidence

Sharee recently shared that her husband is her hero. My husband Tim is my hero too, and I wonder how many authors feel the same.Sharee said, “It will sound cliché I’m sure, but it’s the truth. My husband is my real-life hero. Not only because he’s a state trooper, but because he is willing to go running toward the danger when everyone else is running away. He’s a natural problem solver and has a huge heart to serve people. He’s dug cars out of snow drifts, helped move livestock off the highway, held a child’s hand after a car accident, and been the first person to notify a family member of their loved one’s death. He also has a teaching spirit, and he loves mentoring, encouraging, and instilling wisdom in those coming up in the ranks. But he’s also tenderhearted and very romantic (far more than I am). Most of all, he loves the Lord with all his heart.”

If that’s not swoon worthy, I don’t know what is.

Do you have a real-life hero?