Wedding Flowers

Jessica Lutz of Cascading Joy Designs LLC is going to share some floral design ideas for the upcoming wedding of Andi Grace Scott and Marc Williams.

Welcome, Jessica.

Hi, Jackie. When I think about wedding planning, there are so many details to go over and every couple has their own ideas make their wedding unique to them. I have been involved with weddings for several years but over the last 5, my involvement has been focused on florals. For me, it brings so much joy to bring a brides vision to life through her florals. I love weddings! I always have so this job has brought me so much joy as well!

Over the last year I have been in the thick of helping my younger sister plan her wedding. She is a super easy bride and very laid back which makes things easy for me! She has certain things that she really wants and likes but outside of that, she’s given me a lot of freedom to just “make it look good”. When I think about Andi Grace planning her wedding with Marc, I imagine her being a similar bride. She strikes me as having a few things that she really wants but won’t be too picky overall. If I were sitting down with Andi Grace to talk about her wedding I think I would suggest something very romantic with some fun flowers added in because she has a fun personality and that deserves to show in her bouquet. I would suggest some burgundy ranunculus as the romantic flower but add in some sunflowers since it’s a fall wedding, with Queen Anne’s lace, amaranths and some seeded eucalyptus to give it some fun flair.

Another thing that I would suggest for Andy Grace would be a memorial table. I’ve seen these at many weddings and it is such a sweet and simple way to remember those you’ve lost in your life. As we’ve planned my sisters wedding, this is a piece that she has been very passionate about. Each family member that we’ve lost has flower chosen specifically for them that will go next to a picture of them at the wedding. Andi Grace has lost a lot and not had any easy life. I think I would suggest something sweet like hydrangeas and tulips at her memorial table with pictures of those she has had to say goodbye to. It’s little touches like these that make weddings so special. These little touches that bring joy to not only the bride and groom but to family members and guests that come to celebrate with then.

Jessica, thanks so much for sharing your ideas for Andi Grace’s wedding! I love the idea of a memorial table.

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