Malice Domestic and Sidekicks

Malice Domestic began in 1989, and it became an annual fan convention for mystery lovers.

I attended my first Malice Domestic in 2019. Since then I became published, but the pandemic put a stop to Malice the last two years. This was the first time I’ve attended a conference as an author, and I was both excited and scared.

I participated in my first live panel, and we discussed secondary characters and sidekicks.

Toni LP Kelner was the moderator of our panel. Arlene Kay, Libby Klein, Lisa Q, Mathews, and Charlaine Harris were also on my panel, and they were all amazing. They were also very kind to this newbie.

This is my BRLA family led by Dawn Dowdle. It was great bonding with my agency mates after two years of Zoom meetings.

Because the topic of my panel was sidekicks, I plan to invite others to share their favorite sidekicks with us this year.

Do you have a favorite sidekick?