Food fit for Andi Grace’s Wedding

Some of you may know Tracy Condie from Cooking With My Cozys on Instagram. She reads cozy mysteries then creates food from the story.

I asked Tracy to share an idea for Andi Grace. Here’s Tracy…

Reading Jackie’s latest book, A Killer Unleashed, brings back memories of my own wedding planning. Thank goodness my planning did not have to include stumbling upon a murder, dognapping,  and sleuthing. I still don’t know how Andie Grace and Marc are able to find the time to see to the details.  So many details to be seen to and so many choices to be made and there are only so many hours in a day after working a full time job and taking care of all the little things that come up on a daily basis.

These days the venue can be a big deal.

For some people the floral arrangements must be amazing. Still there is the cake and what size, shape, and flavor it should be.

My groom wanted a miniature fountain to be underneath out traditional three tier cake. Last but most definitely not least, in my opinion, is the biggie, the food. Being a foodie I feel that the menu should be themed just as much as the occasion. 

Our wedding took place on the banks of the Alabama River in Montgomery, Alabama next to a historic train depot where a paddleboat style river boat usually docked (the boat was unavailable due to unscheduled repair work). We were not a fancy couple so a sit down formal meal was not our style and one thing that the South is known for is BBQ, really good and really diverse BBQ. So we had Alabama style BBQ and all the fixings which means a red sauce.  Eastern North Carolina has a red pepper and vinegar based sauce while South Carolina goes for a Mustard based sauce. My wedding took place in 1996, before people began elevating foods, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. If I was to do it all over again I would go with a menu similar to what Andi Grace and Marc have decided on for their big day. Be sure to pick up a copy of A Killer Unleashed so you too can see how the happy couple solve a crime, pick a cake flavor, rehome another pup, and plan the menu fit for a Southern wedding. 

Tracy, thanks so much for joining us today. Thanks also for sharing about your wedding. Your wedding sounds beautiful and fun!

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