Polish Pottery Gallery in Charleston

In anticipation of the fifth book of A Low Country Dog Walker Mystery series, I plan to share some fun things about Charleston, South Carolina.

This week, I’d like to introduce you to Polish Pottery Gallery. From the moment I walked inside, the beauty took my breath away. There were so many appealing patterns, but there were also unique pieces too.

For instance, Polish pottery soup bowls. These bowls were first made in World War II at a pottery factory in Boleslawiec. Back then there was little food available. Men and women tied these soup bowls to their clothes, and if soup became available they could scoop it up in their soup bowl then drink right out of the bowl. Today the bowls are pretty and functional.

There was also an odd shaped cup with two holes in the bottom. I asked the lady working about it. You place the cup over a small bowl or large mug. Line the top cup with a filter and add coffee and pour hot water over it.

There were plates, bowls, mugs, and serving dishes. It was such a unique find on King Street. If you can’t make it to Charleston, but you’re interested in seeing more, they have a website. https://www.polishpotterygalleryofcharleston.com/

I hope you enjoyed stepping into one of many amazing shops you’ll find if you visit the Low Country!


Walking in Charleston Part 2

I apologize for my post earlier this week. I wrote a much longer post, and I have no idea what happened, but let’s continue.

After we visited Beyond Van Gogh, we saw Michael Buble in concert. He’s so talented and entertaining. He put on a fabulous show.

The next morning, we strolled the streets of Charleston around the Battery. This is always a treat for us, and we take advantage of the opportunity whenever possible.

I hope you enjoyed me sharing a little bit of my time in Charleston.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Walking in Charleston

A couple weeks ago, we went to Charleston to see Beyond Van Gogh and Michael Buble! And we enjoyed a stroll through Charleston, because we always enjoy walking around Charleston!

If you have the opportunity to go, it’s a lot of fun. For about forty-five minutes, you stand in a large room, and Van Gogh’s painting appear and disappear all around you. You’re surrounded by his art. I don’t know who came up with the idea, but it’s incredible.


Taking a Walk in Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston was founded in 1670, and I’ve always been intrigued by the antebellum houses in the Battery districts. It’s not just the houses but the flowers and fencing around the houses. And there are so many hidden gardens. If you’re lucky you may find an open gate where you can take a peek into how the people of downtown Charleston live.

The Ravenel Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge leading into Charleston.
These elegant stairs are more than functional. Can you imagine walking up and down them every day?

I’m not a South Carolina native, and I’ve never lived in Charleston, so I’m no expert, but I’m going to start sharing more about the Low Country on my blog.

I love living in the Low Country, and it’s one of the reasons I set my cozy mystery series in the fictional town of Heyward Beach in this area. Thanks for allowing me to share a little about my walk in Charleston.