A Sale and A Peek at My New Cover

Happy New Year. December was super busy for me, as I’m sure it was for you. I hope you had a good month.

Let’s begin the year with an ebook sale on Bite the Dust. It’s available between now and January 15, 2023 for $0.99 wherever you like to buy your ebooks.

And I promised to begin revealing the cover for A Killer Unleashed. Here we go.

I’ll share the full cover reveal next week.

Here’s a quick look into the busy days of December.

Yes, we’re expecting two granddaughters anytime this next week. We’re so blessed.

No, we didn’t get a new puppy. Heinz went to doggy heaven in August, and our hearts are tender to every dog we come across. This is Luna, and she’s eight weeks old.

I hope 2023 is a wonderful year of blessings for you.

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