Summer Book Lovers Giveaway

I’m excited to join Celebrate Lit in their Summer Giveaway. Look at the what you have an opportunity to win.

  1. Brewed With Love by Kimberly Rose Johnson
  2. A Little Something Sweet by Laura Ashwood
  3. Forgotten Memories by Penny Zeller
  4. Cold Dead Night by Lisa Phillips
  5. Every Good Gift by Urcelia Teixeira
  6. Sabotaged Mission by Tina Radcliffe
  7. This Side of Yesterday by Angela Meyer
  8. Once Upon a Farmhouse by Angie Dicken
  9. Finding Her Amish Home by Pamela Desmond Wright
  10. The Soldier’s Unexpected Family by Tanya Agler
  11. Caught and Collared by Jackie Layton
  12. Alive Again: Find Healing in Forgiveness by Sarah Howley
  13. The Essence of Humility: Live and Love Like Jesus by Lynn U. Watson
  14. Forever on the Bay by Lee Tobin McClain
  15. The Dream Weaver’s Bride: Asenath’s Story by Jenelle Hovde
  16. Her Hometown Dream by Rachelle Paige Campbell
  17. Remember Texas by Laura Conner Kestner
  18. Lineage of Corruption by Robin Patchen
  19. Valerie’s Verdict by Hallee Bridgeman
  20. Cornerstone by Nancy J. Farrier
  21. The Deadly Shallows by Dani Pettrey
  22. Shielding the Tiny Target by Deena Alexander
  23. THE COWGIRL’S REDEMPTION by Mindy Obenhaus
  24. Don’t Give Up on Me by Jodi Artzberger
  25. Her Tycoon Hero by Narelle Atkins
  26. A Love Restored by Kelly Goshorn
  27. Sarah’s Choice by Pegg Thomas
  28. A Rebel’s Promise by Sara Blackard
  29. Season of My Enemy by Naomi Musch
  30. A Misplaced Beauty by Amy L. Walsh
  31. Paper Dolls by Kara R. Hunt
  32. Healing Skye by Janet W. Ferguson
  33. Discover Your Joy by Louise Piso
  34. Texas Cold Case Threat/Death Valley Double Cross by Dana Mentink
  35. Book, Chapter, & Vows by Chautona Havig
  36. Blended Lives by Melissa Wardwell
  37. From Shore to Shore by Tabitha Bouldin
  38. Night Songs by Jennifer Sienes
  39. Fireworks in Friday Harbor by Annee Jones
  40. Draw Me to Your Side by Marguerite Martin Gray
  41. Texas Strong by Nan O’Berry (Sweet Promise Press)
  42. Grace on the Mountain Trail by Misty M. Beller
  43. Season of Hope by Sara Jane Jacobs
  44. Hunter’s Rose by Carole Brown
  45. The Awakening of Miss Adelaide by Linda Brooks Davis
  46. The Dressmaker’s Secret by Kellyn Roth
  47. Shades of the Heart by Ann Marie Bryan
  48. To Stand in the Breach by Danielle Grandinetti
  49. A Groom for Christmas by Courtney Lyman
  50. A Caffeine Conundrum by Angela Ruth Strong (Mountain Brook Ink)

I hope you’re excited!

Here’s the link to enter. https://promosimple.com/ps/1f449/summer-book-lover-s-multi-author

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