Welcome, Connie Queen

I‘m delighted to welcome my good friend, Connie Queen.

How much of your plots and characters are drawn from real life? From your life in particular? 

Good question. Thankfully, I’ve never had amnesia while being hunted in a canyon with two small children by gunmen. But there’s always something about the characters than I can relate to, whether it’s good or bad. In Canyon Survival, there’s things I relate to both Annie and Riggs. That’s the great thing about writing, isn’t it? I can sneak some of my own knowledge/secrets without having to tell anyone how I know such things. 😊

Real settings or fictional towns? 

Most of the time I use fictional towns. Canyon Survival is set in Palo Duro Canyon and my characters visit Amarillo, but some of the smaller real towns in the area are not mentioned. I’m always afraid if I get the details wrong, the locals will not appreciate it. So, I’m driven by fear.

Do you include animals in your books?

Yes! Almost all of my stories contain a dog. Canyon Survival has a red Australian Shepherd named Shotgun. I loved him because he’s able to calm the two young children in the times of danger. I think in suspense books it’s great to have a fun or tender moment to give the reader time to breathe, and dogs are an instant reprieve. Spoiler alert* The movie Ghost did a great job giving a break from the sadness of Patrick Swayze dying when he returns to sing, I’m Henry the 8th I Am to Whoopie Goldberg.

Tell us about your new puppy.

Gladly! We just bought a new great Dane puppy that we named Murphy. He’s cute as all get out and has a bunch of energy. (Most Danes are very docile…) It’s been forever since we had a puppy to house train and all, but I love it.

Jackie, I appreciate you hosting me today! Congrats on your next contract. I look forward to reading you next series.

Thanks, Connie.

Friends you can find Connie at https://www.conniequeenauthor.com/

Canyon Survival is available at Amazon and wherever you buy your Love Inspired Suspense books.

Ambushed in the canyon with no memory of why…

Waking on a cliffside with bullets firing and two unknown children at her side, Annie Tillman knows she must run—even if she doesn’t know why. Dashing to the nearest ranch leads her to former FBI agent Riggs Brenner, who just might be their best chance of surviving in the canyon. But can Annie overcome her amnesia and uncover the reason why they’re being chased?

2 thoughts on “Welcome, Connie Queen”

  1. Hi Jackie and Connie! Wow! This book sounds exciting. I especially enjoy stories with kiddos. And what a thrilling cover! I hike canyons like this, so it will be interesting to read about this suspense setting. Eeek! Congratulations, Connie!


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