Super Bowl LVI

We’re days away from the Super Bowl, and it’s time to celebrate. I like both the Rams and the Bengals, and I think it’ll be a fun game. My husband and I will cheer for different teams this year, but we attended different colleges so we’re used to pulling for different teams.

Let’s look at some fun facts regarding the Super Bowl and begin with the Roman Numeral LVI. It’s 56, but I don’t know why the NFL counts the Superbowls by Roman Numerals.

If you want to know the odds, who likes zone-coverage versuses man-coverage, and all the other interesting/boring statistics, there are plenty of sites to explore.

I graduated from the University of Georgia, and I’ve been a Matt Stafford fan for years. I’ve also cheered for Joe Burrow when he played for LSU.

One interesting tidbit is Stafford was the Number One pick in 2009 by the Detroit Lions. Joe Burrow was the first pick in 2020 by the Bengals.

We’ve invited a few friends to watch the Superbowl with us. We’ll have snacks and play ping pong before the game begins. I’m also going to prepare a Fiesta Meal. It’s labor intensive, and I usually save it for parties.

Mickey Guyton will sing the National Anthem, and the half-time show is supposed to be spectacular with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar, and if that’s not enough Mary J. Blige will join them.

I’d love to hear your Super Bowl plans. Will you watch the game? Half-time show only? Read a book? Will you attend a party but avoid the TV so you can chat with friends? Do you have a favorite food? Pizza or chicken wings?

Whatever you have planned, I hope you have a great day!

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