Texas Photography

I met Chris Munson through Abandoned Texas Facebook Group. His photography captured my imagination. Chris graciously agreed to let me share his photographs and reflections with you. His pictures are from Pilot Point, Texas.

Chris said in his post.. “I once helped to keep perishables in the community fresh”. “I once provided fuel to the vehicles that passed this way”. “I once held the funds of the citizens here”. “I once promoted a product”. “I once served as a watering hole….”And so each of these structures and signs remain, not as monuments, nor as historical markers, but as reminders yet, as testaments to a different time and place….Where they served needs no longer essential, nor sought, nor practical, as those who had need for them have also passed….and all are at rest. Pilot Point Texas, 9/11/21

Farmers and Merchants bank, built 1899, closed in 1929 at the Great Depression and never reopened as a bank. Current usage unknown.
Fuller long shot of bank.
The back/side view of former bar.
This is an odd building behind the “bar”. It’s use/former purpose is completely unknown.
Assuming this was a service station at some point, simply because of its design. The building to the right has an open door which goes into a small room with many electrical conduits, but nothing else.
Love this original advertisement, unfortunately the angle of the sun cast an unavoidable shadow.
Unknown buildings, once used as a gathering place.

Thanks so much Chris for sharing your thoughts and photographs with us today. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

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