Have you heard anybody say they prefer the ‘howcatchem’ type of mystery? Do you know what they mean?

It refers to an inverted detective mystery story. The crime is described or shown at the beginning of the story. The reader usually knows the guilty person from the beginning. The sleuth attempts to solve the mystery. Along the way the story reveals why the crime was committed.

An example of a TV show is Columbo. The show’s plot takes you along with Columbo as he solves the crime. The guilty party squirms, and the detective always gets his guy.

I don’t have any books to recommend in the category of howcatchems. I’ve watched Columbo and enjoyed his show. When reading though, I prefer whodunits. I enjoy trying to figure out who the killer is.

What about you? What’s your favorite type of mystery?

2 thoughts on “Howcatchem”

  1. Oh that is so interesting. I like Columbo and how frustrated the killer gets with him. Haha! I certainly didn’t know there was a name for that kind of mystery. I like whodunnit stories better but if you have a unique character like Columbia, the howcatchem would be a fun read.


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