How Far Would You Go to Help Your Pet?

I’m not just asking from a monetary aspect. Our dog, Heinz, has torn his ACLs in both back legs. He could possibly have a tumor on his spine or a herniated disc. The vet assured us surigical options were iffy. It could help Heinz, or it could make the situation worse.

Doesn’t he look pitiful?

So what are we doing for Heinz?

We live in a raised house, so we now carry him outside everytime he needs to go out, which means we carry him inside too. Thank goodness he’s not a St. Bernard.

We don’t have any carpet in our home, and sometimes his back legs slide out from him when walking across the floor. So, what did we do?

This will not make HGTV or any decorating magazines, but we went to a two local stores looking for throw rugs. Only three of them match, and we like some better than others. We spread them out end-to-end and created paths for Heinz to walk on the carpets and not lose his footing. Mission accomplished.

He can walk from his bed to his food and to the door without slipping.

Is it tacky if you know it’s tacky? Is it tacky if you did it for the benefit of your beloved pet?

Maybe, but we don’t care.

I’d love to hear something crazy you’ve done for your pet.

3 thoughts on “How Far Would You Go to Help Your Pet?”

  1. They are a member of your family. You do whatever you possibly can do long as what you are doing doesn’t cause them suffering. I once paid $145 to have a guinea pig X-rayed when he fell off our deck. My daughter was in tears. How could I not?


  2. Oh no! Poor Heinz! I LOVE that you love him so well. It’s not tacky at all. The beauty in your heart is all that is seen.


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