Georgiana Daniels

Have you ever kept running into the same person? In 2020 Georgiana Daniels and I kept showing up in the same groups. It didn’t take long to discover we had a lot in common. So I was delighted when she agreed to join us today. I’m even more excited to share that she has a book releasing this month.

Georgiana Daniels author of Crumbs of Passion.

Welcome, Georgiana!

Hi, Jackie! Thank you for hosting me today. I’m really excited about Crumbs of Passion, and it’s the most fun I’ve ever had writing a book. Is it wrong to crack yourself up with your own work? Asking for a friend….

Great! I’m going on the assumption the sleuth is a baker, but if that’s wrong, what does your sleuth do?

KC Crumb is returning home after losing her job as a corporate social media manager for a shoe company. Of course, her Aunt Lulu ropes her into working at Crumb’s Bakery as soon as possible. If only KC could quit sampling the goods!

Where is the setting? How did you decide to pick it?

Crumbs of Passion takes place in fictional Beaver Bluff, Oregon. It’s a cozy town on the coast, and it was relatively quiet—until KC moved back and found a dead body in the garage of her new rental! It was easy to pick a coastal town because I love the water. Living in AZ, I don’t get to the ocean nearly enough.

How long have you been writing?

Writing was always something I would do “one day.” About 16 years ago when our middle daughter was born, I decided to go ahead and get serious. For some reason I thought the path would be pretty straightforward. The joke was totally on me! But, it’s been a great ride and I’ve met some of my closest friends along the way. Crumbs of Passion is my fourth published book, and the plan is to release books 2, Crumb and Punishment, and book 3, A Crummy Way to Die, later this year.

I completely understand the dream of writing “one day.” Did you always dream of writing or have you always worked as an author?

Let me answer with a resounding YES! I have always wanted to write, but instead of doing that straight out of the gate, I spent eight years in retail management and two years as an investment advisor. (I guess you could say I have diverse interests!)

But wait, there’s more! Right now, I’m in grad school to get a master’s degree in library and information science. I work part-time as a librarian, and the goal is to get a full-time position after my youngest graduates high school.

Do you enjoy baking? What are your hobbies?

Wait…we’re supposed to have time for hobbies? Haha, just kidding…mostly.

Because I write, work part time, do graduate school, and homeschool our high-school daughters, I don’t have a lot of time left over. When I do, I mostly read. The goal is to read 100 books in a year. So far, the most I’ve read in a year is (I think) 72. Also, I adore knitting, and my newest love is playing the piano. Not that I’m good at that, mind you. I believe I have about three or four half-learned songs in my repertoire.

As for the baking, I leave that to my kids who still live at home. Our middle daughter bakes cakes that are to die for, including specialty items like baklava cheesecake. I’m totally spoiled!

Baklava cheesecake? I’m craving it now.

Do you have a favorite character? If you could spend a day with this person, what would you enjoy doing?

Naturally I want to pick KC as my favorite! She’s a little sneaky and she can wield a stiletto like nobody’s business. Like KC, exercising is not my favorite thing to do (even though it’s always on my to-do list) so we’d probably hit the ice cream shop and hang out in Beaver Bluff’s town square, catching a little sunshine.

Also, I can’t leave out our pal Verity. I know, I know—I’m totally cheating by picking two! But she’s pretty neat in her own right as a jiu-jitsu expert/librarian, plus she’s KC’s sidekick and self-appointed new best friend. In fact, I wrote a prequel short story to Crumbs of Passion and featured Verity because she’s that cool. If we spent the day together, she’d want to teach me some slick self-defense moves, but I’d probably break my neck. I’d talk her into hitting the bookshops with me!

Do you have a favorite beach or vacation spot?

Ahhh, lovely question! The beach in Cancun was so relaxing and I would love another visit. Also, the beach in St. Lucia was amazing! I’m all about the surf and sand. However, the next big vacation will probably be back to Alaska to visit family. Going there never gets old!

Is there a place you’ve always longed to visit?

SO many places, and I want to see them all! Mostly I want to take a big trip to the British Isles. For some reason, I’ve always been drawn to them, but I’ve never made it there. Reading eight million cozies that take place there is whetting my appetite for travel.

How did you decide on a social media manager for your sleuth?

Great question, and I’m really trying to remember how I came up with her job as a social media manager. Really, KC’s character grew so organically over time that I can’t pinpoint when I made that decision. The fun thing is, she uses her social media prowess to find the killer!

Do you have a pet? What about a pet in your book?

We do! She’s a beautiful and somewhat aloof Siamese cat named Meekö. Yes, she has an umlaut in her name—our youngest daughter insisted, for reasons known only to her. (She cracks me up! My daughter, not Meekö.)

In Crumbs, we’re introduced to a killer canine named Pooh Bear. He likes scaring people, eating pizza, and riding shotgun.

Thank you for having me on your blog today, Jackie! It’s been fun hanging out together. People can also hang out with me on Facebook and Twitter. And watch for Crumbs of Passion, coming out on March 19!

It’s been so fun getting to know you better. Thanks for spending some time with us. Please share your blurb with us.

Back Cover:

What do you get when you cross a jilted ex, a dead body, and a killer canine named Pooh Bear?

When social media manager KC Crumb is fired from her bougie job in L.A., she returns home to Beaver Bluff, Oregon only to discover a dead body in her new rental. Unfortunately, the body belongs to her philandering ex-boyfriend—a man she publicly threatened before she left town 15 years ago. Now all eyes are on KC, including those of hunky officer Antonio Hamson.

With the help of her new best friend, who happens to be a jiu-jitsu expert/librarian, and a gaggle of gung-ho ladies from her aunt’s bakery, KC and Pooh Bear set out to track down the real killer. Half the town is under suspicion, including a shady car salesman and a preening personal trainer, causing the clues to mount faster than the followers on her newly single social media profiles. And when her life is mysteriously threatened, KC has to sniff out the murderer…before the handsome officer hauls her in for homicide.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/authorgeorgianadaniels

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GeorgianaD

Book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08X6799LW

11 thoughts on “Georgiana Daniels”

  1. What a fun interview! I LOVE that you have a killer canine named Pooh Bear in the book. That is hilarious. 🙂 And what a great cover! I love cozy mystery covers…they really make me want to open the book and read.


    1. Thank you, Sherrinda! I feel the same way about cozy covers. Then I get super happy realizing how many fun books I’ll have to read for the rest of my life 😀 I’m pretty sure my TBR pile will outlive me, lol.


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