Podcaster Leah Bailey

Leah’s theme on The Cozy Ink Podcast is, “Let’s Get Cozy.” I had the honor of being on Leah’s podcast in 2020. She’s warm, friendly, and a lot of fun.

Leah began the Cozy Ink Podcast as a platform to connect cozy mystery readers cozy authors. She has introduced new books to readers, held an online conference, and read short stories.

Stephanie Graves, Carlene O’Connor, Nancy Coco, Lynn Cahoon and many more authors have been on Cozy Ink Podcast. If you enjoy cozy mysteries, you don’t want to miss Leah’s podcast. Here’s the link: https://cozyink.buzzsprout.com/

Leah is active on social media, especially on Twitter. https://twitter.com/LeahBAuthor

Thanks for spending a little time with me today, and I hope you’ll give Leah and the Cozy Ink Podcast a listen.

2 thoughts on “Podcaster Leah Bailey”

  1. I love that you have found your niche in writing cozy mysteries! You are good at it! And what a great resource for cozy writers everywhere! 🙂


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