Fun Vehicles

Growing up my brother and I played Smush Bug and Horsie for entertainment in the car. We also played the license plate game on trips. I may not know much about vehicles, but I pay attention.

One vehicle that has always intrigued me is a VW Bus. It’s not actually a bus, but it’s not called a van. Why? The VW Bus also came in fun colors.

In a story I’m working on now, I’m including a VW Bus as a ‘food truck.’ It’s actually a coffee bar in my story. So I’d already been thinking about this particular vehicle when Tim and I drove by one. Tim’s so good to me, and parked near it so I could take some pictures to pun on my Pinterest board.

I blotted out the license plate, and this thing is in perfect shape. You’d think we were back in 1970.

Seeing this VW made me happy, and I’d like to share pictures of it with you. Have you ever owned a VW bug? Bus? Any VW?

Just in case you didn’t think the owner is full of personality, check out all of the bumper stickers!

2020 has been a hard year, but let’s don’t miss out on little things that bring us happiness!

2 thoughts on “Fun Vehicles”

  1. When I was a little girl Dad bought a VW Bug that we spay-painted baby blue on the carport of our house. I remember helping tape newspaper on the windows to protect them. I guess he got it to go back and forth to work…since otherwise a car that small wasn’t very practical for a family of 7. Just last week I saw one of the same vintage (missing the excellent spray-paint job, of course). These are not common things to see in Medellín so seeing it kinda made me feel more at home. I’ve now figured out that it “lives” just a few blocks away so I can go walk by it on my way to memory lane anytime I want to now.

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