How I work From Home

I’ve had a few people ask me how I work from home this year. I try to treat each day like a work day. I get up, talk to my husband, eat a little breakfast while watching the news, and then I spend time doing my devotionals.

The thing I’ve done differently is meeting with my critique group for thirty minutes before I begin writing. There are five of us and we share concerns about our lives and our writing. We encourage each other, and we laugh. Then we are off to start our day.

Sharee Stover, Connie Queen, and Sherrinda Ketchersid are with me in this picture. Rhonda Herren Starnes is also part of our group.

I feel more productive when I’m dressed. Even if it’s shorts and a T-shirt, I’m dressed. Sometimes I listen to music playing softly in the background.

Heinz ‘encourages’ me to take him outside throughout the day, but I try to stay focused until it’s time to fix supper.

Do you work from home? What’s your day look like?

4 thoughts on “How I work From Home”

  1. Hello, Jackie!

    I’m just like you on getting up and getting dressed before I can start the day. I can’t run around in pj’s. Honestly, I even put on makeup 99% of the time because I feel blah without it even if I have no plans to go anywhere.

    i enjoy our morning meetings too!

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  2. Hi Jackie! Great post! My job moved to work from home in March. I’m still adjusting lol. I work the day job, and then spend time in the evenings writing. Your morning meetings sound like great inspiration to writing and getting your day started! I can’t wait to read Dog-Gone Dead. Sounds like a great story!


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