Georgiana Daniels Crumb & Punishment

I’m excited to welcome Georgiana Daniels today.

Georgiana and I became friends in 2020.

Georgiana, tell us something you love about where you live.

Thank you for hosting me today, Jackie! It’s always fun to hang out with you.

If only I lived near the beach, like you! Instead, we live among the brambles and tumbleweeds in Arizona. Ha—okay, it’s not really that bad. We’re in central AZ where we have a nice variety—sunshine, rain, and snow. Still, I’d love to live near the beach where I could bob in the waves on weekends.

As for me, I’m a writer, homeschooling mom, and master of library and information science student. I will finally graduate with my master’s in December! It’s been a wild ride. Thankfully, I have a patient husband, and three daughters who are super understanding while I attempt to spin one too many plates.

Share with us about your book and of course we’d love to see the back cover blurb.

Crumb and Punishment is book 2 in the KC Crumb Mysteries, though you don’t have to read book 1 to have fun with this one. I loved writing about KC and her posse as they try to find the killer! These ladies are a hoot!

KC is a former social media manager who moves back to her hometown when she loses her job and her boyfriend at the same time. In book 1, Crumbs of Passion, she finds the dead body of her ex in her rental and must clear her own name. In book 2, KC and the gang need to clear the name of their friend.

Back Cover:

A granny, a gunshot, and a bingo game gone bad…

After an altercation at the Beaver Bluff Senior Center, a local busybody and philanthropist winds up face first in a hot fudge sundae at Yum Yum’s Ice Cream Shop. Reluctant sleuth and social media maven KC Crumb and her posse are on the scene, ready to clear their friend Walter’s name and save his shop—until they discover a secret link to the victim in the ice cream peddler’s past.

When suspicions mount, the gang from Crumb’s Bakery starts to turn on each other. And when hunky officer Antonio Hamson gets involved, it’s anyone’s guess who will be next behind bars. As the clock counts down, can KC and her pals solve the murder? Or will they find themselves in the ice cream killer’s crosshairs?

Did you do any fun research?

I could stretch the truth and say I needed to research ice cream flavors and cupcake frosting for some of the scenes, but alas, I’m already an expert.

What I’m not an expert in is knives, so that’s where I did a bit of research. Then I took what I’d found out and had the most outspoken person in KC’s posse (Polly) clue the gang in when they found a knife stuck to the door. Polly cracks me up, because she just says what she thinks, constantly shocking her pals (and me!)

What was the most interesting fact you discovered while writing?

Bingo cards have a specific numbering…who knew? LOL!

Every part of the writing and creative process is interesting to me. If someone were to see my browser history, they might just think I’m nutty (or scary, maybe both, ha!) I just had a blast writing this book and introducing some new characters to the crew, including a few new furry friends.

Now I’m working on plotting book 3, A Crummy Way to Die. I’m looking forward to more murder, mystery, and fun!

Thank you for hosting me today! I enjoyed hanging out with you. You can always find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Bookbub!


Georgiana Daniels is an author, homeschooling mom, and master’s degree student. “Busy” is her middle name, but if she finds a nugget of free time she enjoys knitting, reading, and fumbling around on the piano to the dismay of others. Though previously published in romance and women’s fiction, she’s dipping an anxious toe into cozy mysteries—because murder and mayhem are so much fun!

Crumb and Punishment link:

Georgiana, thanks so much for taking time to visit with us today.

Friends, I’ve started reading Crumb and Punishment, and it’s a delight.

7 thoughts on “Georgiana Daniels Crumb & Punishment”

  1. Hi Georgianna! Waving to you from the suburbs of Phoenix. (When your snow arrives, please send some of it my way.) Your books sound fun. Author research always comes up with interesting tidbits. Bingo card numbering is exact? If you need help with future ice cream or cupcake research, keep me in mind.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Sherida! No snow yet, but a ton of rain the last few days! I hope you got some too. I’ll definitely keep you in mind for the sweet side of research 😉


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