Nancy Drew

I discovered I’m not the only person who grew up reading Nancy Drew mysteries. I got hooked when visiting my grandmother’s house. I found my mother’s Nancy Drew books. She only had a couple, so after that I saved my money to buy my own copies.

Last weekend I discovered a treasure trove for Nancy Drew fans. In Savannah, I was visiting antique stores. There was a young couple I kept bumping into. We ended up at Books on Bay at the same time. She was organized and had a list of exactly what she needed. Books on Bay had every book she needed.

I also found a book to add to my collection.

I learned there were book club copies in addition to books sold at stores. If the back of a Nancy Drew book is solid yellow, it’s a book club edition.

There’s also some fun lingo. For instance, bird means man. Cheaters means sunglasses. Derrick means shoplifter. Scatter means hideout. And clubhouse means police station.

Another thing I learned while visiting Books on Bay, the picture cover illustrations were painted by artists. Russell H. Tandy was one of the artists.

Did you read mysteries when you were growing up? If you collected Nancy Drew books or other books and need to complete your collection, I’d recommend contacting Books on Bay. You can find them at http://www.booksonbay.com . Better yet, stop by for a visit at 224 W. Bay Street in Savannah. (I don’t get any kickbacks, but I found the place and owners to be charming.)

What were some of your favorite books to read as a child?

7 thoughts on “Nancy Drew”

  1. I love that you browsed old bookstores and antique stores on your trip. We do that too. I read some Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys, but was more drawn to romancy kind of stories, even back then. 😉


    1. Sherrinda, that is really cool. One of my favorite stories was Best Loved Doll. A child takes her doll to a birthday party where there will be a contest for dolls. This child took the doll she loved best even though it wasn’t the prettiest. I won’t spoil the ending for you, but it was a love story.


  2. I devoured all the Nancy Drew books as a kid! Now I have the collection, and I think they are mostly 1st editions.


  3. I had a huge collection of Nancy Drew. Those sketches of the different titles inside the cover? I’d color them. I sold the whole collection on eBay several years ago. Sometimes I wish I still had them, but I’ve got so many books.


    1. Terri, I completely understand. I’ve had to give away plenty of books. Nancy Drew has made many moves with me, and I can’t seem to part with her books. Thanks for sharing!


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