Just Another Birthday

Today’s my birthday, and this is a big one. I turn sixty today, and I’ve been feeling old. I told my husband I just wanted to ignore it and treat today like any other day. My thought was turning sixyt-one might be easier.

I’ve never really worried about turning a specific age before. I do remember turning thirty, and BOTH my mom and brother said they weren’t sure how they felt about ME turning thirty. Haha!

Last week it came to my attention Amy Grant turned sixty in November. I also learned Robin Robers and George Stephanopoulous just turned sixty too. So, I decided to do a little search for others my age.

Did you know Hugh Grant, Colin Firth, and Antonio Banderas turned sixty last year? What about women? Valerie Bertinelli, Julianne Moore, and Jennifer Gray are a few to note.

Next I looked at who was born in 1961. Woody Harrelson wasn’t a surprise because I met in my freshman year at Hanover College. Meg Ryan, Toby Keith, Nadia Comaneci, Wayne Gretzky, and George Clooney.

None of these people seem old, so I’m going to take a big breath and slowly exhale. I can handle turning sixty with grace.

Thanks for letting me ramble. I’d love to hear if you ever struggled with a birthday.

8 thoughts on “Just Another Birthday”

  1. Happy birthday, Jackie!

    And as far as me struggling w/a birthday, I just blow it off and say, “I don’t feel that old.” And I don’t, but I’m certain others think I look it. (You notice I say others, and not me…)

    I sincerely hope you have the best birthday ever beautiful lady!


  2. The only birthday that bothered me was turning 31…weird, I know. 40 – 50 – 60 – 70, nope. No issues at all. In fact, turning 70 was very liberating for me. I look forward to 80 in another six year! Happy Birthday!!


  3. Happy birthday, Jackie! We share the same birth year and like you, I wasn’t sure what to think about turning 60. Thanks to your thoughtful article, I’m feeling much better about it 🙂


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